… I just wanted to jump into the water and disappear. Disappear of what this was… I felt confused, uneasy. The water looked increasingly more distant, but I did not have the feeling of being moved. “Do not go”, I wanted to shout to the water, and the water suddenly began to boil. I looked at the stranger, who was still holding me in his strong arms. The stranger seemed to me getting bigger and although I pushed him, this time I could not separate myself from him.

The water was still boiling and rock walls began to sweat, increasingly. It seemed that everything was going to spill. My red dress, my hair, my skin… I was getting soaked. The stranger was soaked too. I was afraid that everything would suddenly evaporate. “Calm down”, I wanted to shout to the water, but the water, instead of calm, boiled harder.

The water looked furious, soaked walls roared loudly, shook the whole scenario, and then I was the one who strongly pressed the stranger, in search of protection.

© Andre Rivas

Photo: Andre Rivas