«Embarrassment is the lie that you say when you talk about yourself.» Anaïs Nin


Photo: Unknown

Photo: Unknown

The word seems to have no importance and honesty, either. Congruence seems not to matter. This is difficult for me to understand, even more, repulsive when these words come from the mouths of our politicians or persons exercising some kind of power and influence, as the royal house; people who, in my view, should be very honest and respectable beings.

One last case in this regard was the case of Soria. The minister said his name mistakenly appears twice in Panama and the UK, he says not knowing why his name is there and why that error. Soria, who came to, again and again, denies his involvement in the roles of Panama, and even now, even after he resigned, still maintains that «was a mistake.» Really? Honest men have the value of the word. Should our politicians not be the most honest men?
Such acts, which are unfortunately occurring very often in our country, seems to me an attack on the intelligence of the people and I think we should protest against this.

Today we have a big problem with corruption. We are in a time of crisis, a time of broken dreams full of people who suffer deeply and it seems no one is willing to take the consequences of their bad practices. It has been deeply attacked the human dignity and has not been respected the most basic human rights.
I don’t understand how there are no more riots, but I think that strikes no longer have neither the courage nor the power of yesteryear.

These disparaging cases occur in countries like ours where, from my point of view, we are far behind at this level. It is well known that there are countries more developed than ours, where such acts are punished immediately.

From my point of view, we should look at those developed countries at that level and apply similar measures. I firmly believe that this must change, society cannot continue to see as many of these criminals go practically unpunished. Through individual and collective education, increasing awareness, I hope that gradually we begin to create a fair society, where collaboration prevails over the competition, where truth and honesty govern; a society where trust has a solid foundation and the dignity of all take the place that it is deserved. It is important that excellence prevails and it is important that the word takes the importance and privileged rightful place.

Thank you.