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Expressionist Diary

Acreditación de competencias en tecnologías de la información y la comunicación / Accreditation of skills in information and communications technology (with Honors)

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My Work Process

I like the feeling I get from creating something; the world stops, it freezes.
I like being with my imagination in her own Wonderland, although occasionally I lose sleep or forget to eat.
I love when I manage complete immersion in my creations, such that my notion of identity disappears. And suddenly, I find myself creating work without ego, practically unconsciously, totally immersed, flowing like watercolors, dancing with water or walking in a park in autumn, side by side with my cat Margot.

My Artwork

Each artwork I create is unique unto itself. My paintings are the result of a moment and therefore, unrepeatable in its totality. I invite you to travel through them carefully so that they can come to you and show you their secrets.
My work is a constant exploration of inner reality and the collective unconscious in an attempt to make it visible, looking for a certain integrity, with vertigo and tranquility inherent in the depths of the human soul.