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«Autumno V», sold reproduction in ARTFLAKES

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"Autumno V", sold reproduction in ARTFLAKES / "Autumno V", vendida reproducción en ARTFLAKES.    

«I’m dreaming», sold in Pixopolitan

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My photography "I'm dreaming", sold in Pixopolitan (Limited Edition) / Mi fotografía "I'm dreaming", vendida en Pixopolitan (Edición limitada).

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¿Qué significa ser Grande?

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—(...) Grande. —¿Qué significa ser Grande? —Grande significa ser fiel y honesto a ti mismo y a los valores que rigen tu alma y no a los valores que rigen esta sociedad enferma, sangrante y distorsionada. Significa cooperar en lugar de competir, y actuar desde la más intencionada excelencia. Grande significa ayudar y servir al [...]

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The value of the word

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"Embarrassment is the lie that you say when you talk about yourself." Anaïs Nin   Photo: Unknown The word seems to have no importance and honesty, either. Congruence seems not to matter. This is difficult for me to understand, even more, repulsive when these words come from the mouths of our politicians or persons [...]

Unleashed emotions

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... I just wanted to jump into the water and disappear. Disappear of what this was... I felt confused, uneasy. The water looked increasingly more distant, but I did not have the feeling of being moved. “Do not go”, I wanted to shout to the water, and the water suddenly began to boil. I looked at [...]

Acreditación de competencias en tecnologías de la información y la comunicación / Accreditation of skills in information and communications technology (with Honors)

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Acreditación de competencias en tecnologías de la información y la comunicación / Accreditation of skills in information and communications technology (with Honors). Acreditación Universitaria + Generalitat de Catalunya / University Accreditation + Government of Catalonia.

Back to Psychology / Vuelvo a la Psicología

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17 de Septiembre de 2014 - Actualidad: Grado en Psicología. UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). 1997 - 2000: Licenciatura en Psicología. Universidad Ramón Llull, Facultad Blanquerna (Barcelona).

Josep Lluís Ponce i Guitart

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LAURA BENAVIDES LARA Sin duda alguna, nos hallamos ante una pintura que levanta el ánimo del espectador por su perfección, por sus reflejos y por la utilización sabia de los colores, de acuerdo siempre con la más viva naturaleza que cambia según la situación horaria y la estación meteorológica; lo que quiere decir, que en Laura, [...]

My Work Process

I like the feeling I get from creating something; the world stops, it freezes.
I like being with my imagination in her own Wonderland, although occasionally I lose sleep or forget to eat.
I love when I manage complete immersion in my creations, such that my notion of identity disappears. And suddenly, I find myself creating work without ego, practically unconsciously, totally immersed, flowing like watercolors, dancing with water or walking in a park in autumn, side by side with my cat Margot.

My Artwork

Each artwork I create is unique unto itself. My paintings are the result of a moment and therefore, unrepeatable in its totality. I invite you to travel through them carefully so that they can come to you and show you their secrets.
My work is a constant exploration of inner reality and the collective unconscious in an attempt to make it visible, looking for a certain integrity, with vertigo and tranquility inherent in the depths of the human soul.